Thursday, July 3, 2008

La Finca Restarurant: A Review

Local Businessman Runs High End Family Restaurant in Ensenada

La Finca Steak House of Ensenada

by Lonnie Ryan

The dictionary defines the words La Finca as “a rural property, especially a large farm or ranch, in Spanish America.” This Ensenada area restaurant opened 9 years ago by Carlos Tirado is by far one of the most beautiful commercial structures in the area. As the owner describes it, a ranch house, and he daily welcomes you in for a meal you won’t soon forget.

The interior reminds one of old Mexico and is a warm and inviting backdrop to your shared party and meal. A large stock of the best of northern Baja wines is at hand to complement your feast. 95% of Mexico’s wines are produced in this area; you will see the La Finca label on many bottles served here, as a compliment from the wineries to the restaurant and the owner.

Carlos Tirado is a northern Baja California treasure within himself. He has many sombreros… all encompassing entrepreneur, restaurant owner for the past 28 years on both sides of the border, politician, avid fisherman, car designer and dealership owner, and philanthropist. If he is present when you visit, feel free to join him at his table and enjoy his commentary regarding this territory of Mexico he loves most. In his broad smile you see and feel the great satisfaction that has filled his life, that joy is unavoidably contagious as you benefit from his inspiring company. He has contributed unselfishly his community time as a citizen and as a local public office holder. He served as County Prosecutor for 3 years recently, the county of Ensenada purportedly being the largest in the world, over some 55,000 square kilometers! And he emphatically will never take a peso for his time while serving his many community posts. About the future of Baja California tourism, Senor Tirado states, “we just have to go back to what we did well 100 years ago”.

The menu board of fare includes chateaubriand for 2 with all the fixings for a mere $35 including tax. All the meats served including New York and rib eye steaks are imported from California to insure the best in lean mouthwatering taste and consistency. There is no loud, brassy live music here, just a nice mix of traditional music from old Mexico understated and complimentary to your dining experience. A team of 30 employees will be there at every turn of your fork to attend to your every need. The service is simply marvelous!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will find you rubbing elbows with many of the local Ensenada aristocracy. This place is a favorite of the most influential folks in town. La Finca seems to be an exciting social event for the local clientele in addition to being a bustling high-quality eatery! The great food is a plus to this scenic Baja California hosted experience. You can join the ranch’s landscape from 7am to 10pm daily, except Sunday and Monday when the restaurant is closed in the evening at 8. The restaurant is available for private functions and can accommodate up to 300 guests.

The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing.
Babylonian Proverb .

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