Sunday, February 10, 2008

Girls Softball Coming to Baja Wine Country

Baja Wine Softball League
Baja Wine Country Joins El Sauzal Girls Softball Association

Coach J.P., Director of Baja Softball, has announced that El Sauzal Girls Softball Association will incorporate teams from the Valle de Guadalupe into it's association.

"The Baja Wine Country is an up and coming community and has a bunch of kids that would like to play softball" reports Coach J.P.. "The communities there are NOT large enough to support their own association so El Sauzal will incorporate the Baja Wine Country teams into it's league".

El Sauzal is a community on the beach about 15 minutes by car to the west of the Valle Guadalupe. They expect to have 3 to 4 teams in each division and will gladly welcome teams from San Antonio de las Minas and Francisco Zarco.

The Board of Directors of the El Sauzal Girls Softball Association will appoint a Vice-President in charge of the Valle de Guadalupe effort by March 1st and then begin the process of getting local sponsors for the teams.

Ricardo Tortoledo Montelargo, Director of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica No. 11 in El Porvenir (Junior High School) has communicated with Baja Softball that he will be working hard to get this all together in harmony so that the kids will get a great place to compete and play.

Leaders in the Valle de Guadalupe e.g. Mustafa Ali of Mustafa's Restaurant have expressed verbal support for the community effort and will be getting involved as a local business sponsor for the kids.

Both San Antonio de las Minas and Francisco Zarco/El Porvenir expect to field 1 team for each in the 8 and under, 10 and Under and 12 and Under divisions.

That will give the El Sauzal Girls Softball Association between 4 to 6 teams in each division and will make the recreation even more fun and exciting.

Players Clinics start in June and the league starts in September.

For more information, contact the El Sauzal Girls Softball Association, simply email them at

Dinosaurs in the Baja Wine Country? New Kids Park Emerges

Dinosaurs, Games, Cars, Boats, and Park Almost Ready to Go for Kids

There is a brand new park for kids emerging on the road between the towns of Francisco Zarco and El Porvenir in the Valle Guadalupe. thought you might like to see the pictures emerging from this new and interesting park.

Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine Park
Baja Wine ParkBaja Wine Park

Off the Grid and Solar in the Baja Wine Country

Baja Solar Mexico California
Local Man Sets Up Solar in Valle de Guadalupe

Carlos Ramirez, a Mexican National who worked and lived in Anaheim California for over 20 years came back to Mexico about 4 years to find his paradise. Armed with the cross cultural skills of both American ingenuity and Mexican Hospitality, Carlos decided Baja Calfornia was going to be his home. "It was so close to Calfornia and family who still lives up there" Carlos said "Baja was just the very best choice for me"

Carlos bought 5000 meters squared of land, about 1.25 acres, in the Valle de Guadalupe Wine Country about 4 years ago. I bought a 2 bedroom mobile home from a local friend for about $ 5,000 usd and put it on my lot. I added a patio, storage room, a water storage system, and boom, he was almost ready to go when he had to make a decision about electiricty.

He went to the local community meetings about getting electricity to his lot but truly nothing was done and he was left with no solutions. Then he found ESCOM, a solar sales and installation company in Ensenada.

"I simply told them my what I as running in my house and they provided me the solution" says Carlos. "I got four (4) 350 watt panels with eight (8) 6 volt 220 A/H storage batteries including the controller, 2550 watt invertor, and they even gave me either (8) 13 watt efficient light bulbs and it runs all my electricity needs without compromise".

Carlos spent a total of about $ 10,000 usd for the system which included an oversized panel stand that can fit extra panels in the future if needed and the installation and sales tax. The stand automatically follows the sun to insure all day energy storage. Carlos also added 15 stand alone solar landscaping lights for $ 50 usd that light up his outside patio all night!

In the Valle de Guadalupe, most lots do NOT have access to city electricity so Solar is the way to go because the amount of sunlight that is received is in the top 85% of the areas in North America for sunlight access. It is a natural that Solar would be used in this part of Mexico.

If you would like more information on using Solar in the Valle de Guadalupe, contact ESCOM.



Tel: +52(646)172-6249

Address: Delante No. 2143 Col Hidalgo, Ensenada

Baja Solar Mexico California

Baja Solar Mexico California